citizensam-square_v3 is an international, commercial-free, not-for-project talk radio network focused on independent journalism and issue focused programming. The main objective of the project is to provide an open-participation broadcasting platform featuring a range of programming hosted by citizen journalists, human rights advocates, nonprofit professionals, and regular people with unique perspectives and stories to share. is broadcasted across multiple formats that include terrestrial and online media streaming, distributed through global partnerships with other nonprofit and news radio organizations. Shows are also syndicated across various platforms such as iTunes, TuneIn, Blubrry, iHeartRadio, and hundreds of media streaming services. is also broadcasted via cellular networks enabling listeners across the world to tune in anywhere in the world by dialing in on their mobile phones. will officially launch sometime in mid-2017, with some original programming airing before launch. The station is currently seeking show hosts & independent journalists interested in broadcasting on or syndicating their existing programs such as podcasts and news reporting.

Posted by Charitable Humans

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