Month: June 2019


A Manifesto for Purposeful Change

Charitable Humans was founded as an endeavor to seek out alternate pathways and methodologies to effectuate purposeful change for the betterment of humankind. In keeping with our founding vision, Charitable Humans has frequently needed to reassess our strategies, programs, and approaches to best meet the new challenges and provide the most use of our resources and capacity.

Throughout the past decade, we have played a pivotal role in the struggle to save an endangered population of orcas, fight against the injustices of police misconduct, campaigning for human rights, advocating for the world’s most vulnerable, and providing humanitarian relief across several continents. It’s been an enthralling and rewarding, if not exhaustive, experience. But, alas, it’s time once again to shift our focus and chart a new course.

Charitable Humans is now on a venture to reimagine the ethos of humanity itself, redefining what it means to be a human in a world plagued by inequities, injustices, and the recurrent emergence of humanitarian crises that are sure to become more frequent and wide-reaching moving forward. No longer can we expect charities, governments, or businesses to provide sufficient solutions or outreach. The magnitude of the threats and accelerating growth in the need for intervention around the world both in the present and future require an entire new paradigm of charitable and civic engagement.

Daunting as these new problems are, we have a plan to counter them, and we’re excited to share our vision. A Manifesto for Purposeful Change is a comprehensive roadmap outlining our forward-looking vision, without a doubt our boldest agenda yet.

Along with our new vision, we will be launching an entire new website that will serve as the framework for our vision, an online ecosystem the will connect an international community of humans, much like yourself, who want to join our coalition of change-makers to make a difference in the world and collaborate on ways in which we change the world and better confront the challenges we face.

While we work on building our new online platform, we will be posting updates on our Charitable Humans blog. We also encourage you to subscribe to our email newsletter.